Friend who really stinks, how do I tell them?

I have a friend whu really stinks.its not like his feet or anything…its b.o.he seats right behind me and the smell really drives me nuts!!I really want to tell him so how should I say it??

Answer #1

Tall your friend, “I know this one deodorant (Insert brand) and it’s so effective; now I am more confident in mingling with other people! I’m just thankful I finally found the type of deodorant I’ve been looking for.” Then smile at him.

Answer #2

Just Say To Him That Your Really Sorry To Be The One to tell him tha He needs sum deoderant and say you got to know sumtime other wise people are gunna take the mic and getting bullied is gunna be worse. and if he goes all stroppy becuase of it then he obv needs to grow up but your a true good friend if you tell him. :) x

Answer #3

aww I think you should go out and buy some seriously sexy cool smelling deodrant or body spray then say to him, hey look I bought this the other day and it smells really good. Let him try it out and them say OH SH*T I HAVE TO GO BRB!!! then um don’t cum back and hell have to take it home with him! maybe hell use it? if he gives it back say oh I thot I lost it so I bot anouther, dude you can keep that one :P

or… you cud just tell him and say yeh I hate to be the one to do it but its better me than sum nasty person :)


Answer #4

write him an anonymous letter? hehe

Answer #5

I got that same problem I dont know imma find a way to tell her then she sit right by me

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