How do i get reallly silky hair like my friends?? im so jealous!?

weell, my friends hair is like super shiny and silky and really soft to the touch..and I wants it!! my hair is right hard and like straw! it doesnt look like straw er nothing, but it doesnt look silky. it just..BLAH. lol can you tell me some good products to use or tips or something for me? btw, yes, I straighten my hair every 4 or 5 days.. not very often.. and I use Head And Shoulders shampoo, and I use the conditioner that I have to use because I dyed my hair, and it said to use it.. lol :P I dont often use mousse, but when I do, I use Natural's fortifying botanicals mousse. :P PLEASE HELP!! I have really thick, shoulder-length, black hair!!
KThanks. :]

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okay, my best friend has realy shiny and silky hair 2. and she uses garnier fructis shampoo (silk and shine) hope this helped :)

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wash it often. and if you blow dry.. try not to do it all the time.. it can dry out your hair and that wont help it get silky.

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When you finish taking a shower, turn the hot water off and only have the cold water running, then put your head under it and the cold water will work to open the hair follicles and gives the hair the shine it needs...Guarantee this method works.

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Keep your conditioner in longer befor washing it out.

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