Some female advise please...i'm kind of freaking out

I'm bleeding from my vagina and I know its not my period because when I'm on my period its a different shade of blood and it would be a week early for my period. How do I know if my cherry was popped? like is my vagina suppose to look any different? Yesterday my boyfriend was fingering me. But it barely started bleeding today. Did my cherry pop? Or was he just fingering me to roughly?

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I don't know what that could be.. but like the first person said,
you should see your doctor or it could be your period early..
change in weather, if I just got over a cold, certain medicines
have made mine act weird and crap. so it could be. but
really just to be safe, get checked out.

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if you got penetrated and you are bleeding, more than likely you did get your cherry popped... there is no such thing as fingering rougly when you are a virgin, now if you werent a virgin and you started to bleed then he fingered you roughly lol

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