Is a grandchild's social security number needed for a Will?

If grandparents are making out a will, do they need their grandchild’s social security number to include them in the will?

Answer #1

That doesn’t sound right to me…when my grandmother passed away, I don’t think she had my number or the mental facilities to obtain it (unless my dad gave it to her, which I doubt).

You might consider checking in with a laywer who specializes in wills & such to get some solid advice if it’s an urgent or important matter - we can’t really give out legal advice here, since most of us aren’t lawyers & if we did give what was construed as legal advice, we’d get in trouble with actual laywers :)

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

Nope, you can leave things to children you barely even know. If someone is asking for a child’s social security number, I would be very wary of them.

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