How to find my Dad's number?

I really really need to find my dad. I want to find thing out but I have his address but want to get his phone number his number is x directory.

Does anyone know how I can get hold of his number??

Answer #1

Maybe you could ring directory enquiries, and ask for the number of the address ?

I don’t know…

um, you could hire a private detective, if you’re really desperate ?!?!


Answer #2

well…there really isnt anything you can do if his # is x

Answer #3

if you go on to either or you will be able to get his number…thats how I found the possible numbers to find my dad…im in the same boat as you…I know how you feel!!!

Answer #4

has he been missing? does anyone in your family know where he is?? go to the police station and file a missing report and say you think he is in danger, but want to make sure he’s alright.

get the following information filled out and bring it to the police:

  1. All names he could possibly go by

  2. What city he was last seen in

  3. where do you THINK he might be

  4. his last number he had… if a cell phone then get the company

  5. has he ever been arrested

    I have a friend that is studying to be a cop and he told me he couldn’t help me find my mom, because he wasn’t a registered cop yet… but he told me I could get the information and bring it to the police station and file a missing report on my mom, because we haven’t heard from her since last year in august. but luckily my dad had an old address and im going to try to write it and then see if she writes back…well, good luck with everything!

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