What are some good social networking sites like myyearbook?

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facebook, myspace, stickam.com, piczo.com, hi5.com, tagged.com, friendster.com, orkut.com

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Thank you very much

Good Blogging Sites

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and mocospace

Which social networking site is better?
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oh i was wondering the same thing...myyearbook is awesome..it just is getting boring lol

Social networking

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zopia,yeah facebook,hi5.

How many social networking websites do you have?
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i love FACEBOOK anything els is to complicated and i find there is more people who have fb around my town :) pretty much everyone

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Thank you very much <3

Are there any good sites for searching Cracks?

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yes i really like my yearbook but its kinda dirty so i was wondering what were some others lol :)

What is the new social networking site by Lady Gaga?
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lol yeah, the people on it just try to act cool by being pervs...gets annoying. so i only talk to people i know cause a lot of my friends have it

What is a good chat site for teens?

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