Soccer team name

I’m on a soccer team (with two of my big sisters) and we need a team name. any good ideas? the only ones that we have come up with so far are the bublebees and jealous?. obviously those aren’t that great. help!

Answer #1

You should each pick 1 or 2 of your favorite colors and also include your last name or something like that. Or take the first letter of your names and make a word (or middle names)

Answer #2

yeah, did that. I’m asking for opinions. that was not helpful at all. besides…I’m not even on that team anymore. I asked the question a YEAR ago. THanks for playing, though.

Answer #3

theres alott durr but you can just googgle it :PPP

Answer #4

well, we’re all girls..most of us are moms. (I’m the only one that’s not a mom or married!) we also need to decide a team color…we haven’t done that yet! we just don’t even know! lol. does that help at all?

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