Join soccer team or not

Im such a girly girl but my bff wants me to join soccer with her I don’t know if I should I don’t even know how to playy soccer lol I never did anyway tryouts are tomorrow what do I do???join or not???

Answer #1

I’m a girly girl too and I play soccer. Its my life almost. :) You just have to understand your gunna have to get messy lol. You have to be aggressive and will most likely have to play/ practice in the pouring rain. One good thing of being a girly girl on the team is you always smell good and look better then the other girls on the team haha. But, soccer isn’t easy to pick up like a lot of sports. It takes a long time to get used to it and to get better with your feet but it keeps you in great shape and helps you to take out anger. Its fun. :)

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