Do you know what "Snow Cream" is and if so do you like it?

Answer #1

I like it, it’s kinda like icecream, I don’t know how exactly is made, but the way it taste, it looks like it’s crushed ice with the ingredients used for icecream?

Answer #2

Well , what we do is set a HUGE bowl outside and let some clean snow go in it and then when it gets full we bring it inside and you put milk , sugar and vanilla flavoring in it, and BAM! Yummy!(:

Answer #3

lol i like it most :)

Answer #4


Answer #5

So it’s made with acchual snow? I would have never tought of that but I know how to make my own know(:

Answer #6

Hahaha, yeahh!

Answer #7

yeah lol :D

Answer #8

look at kelsii, thinkin she’s a master chef now. hah ima try this. we supposed to be gettin a foot today

Answer #9

:D……. I love it lol.

Answer #10

yes You need a med. bowl of snow ,vanilla,can milk.

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