Sneaking out of your house

Whats the easyist way?

Answer #1

The way I sneak out, is I either lie to my mom where I’m going, or I wait till everyone is asleep and then leave.

Answer #2

why? just tell your parents where you’re going and if they say no it’s probably for you own good… but teens are too hard headed to realize this and the fact that their brain isn’t developed enough to know right from wrong.. even when they feel they do!!

Answer #3

Okay I sneak out a lot and its really wasyfor me with how my house is set up but it should be easy for everyone. when everyones sleeping, go out the front door and dont forget to lock it adn bring a key with you. if you over complicate things you could get hurt or make noise and get caught. best of luck with rebeling haha!

Answer #4

Your window Have your pajamas on over your regular clothes-walk outside take them off,put them back on when you come back Walk out the garage side door Or just not at all

Answer #5

I think it depends what your house is like.

Answer #6

honestly the easiest way is walking right through your front door. I know it dont sound it but as long as you arent like loud and obvious you are less likly to get caught because its less suspicious than leaving through a window or somethin…plus that usually goes wrong an makes noise or not to mention its dangerous…plus if you get caught leaving through your front door you can just tell your parents something like you couldnt sleep and needed some fresh air so you were gonna sit outside for a minute…that way yeah you wouldnt be able to sneak out that night but the next night if your parents heard you again they wouldnt even bother asking thinking you were just getting fresh air again…your parents usually dont catch you though…maybe they would in your case though…I don’t know.

Answer #7

Through your window. Or not at all. :)

Answer #8

Climb up the chimney, like Santa…or just walk out the front door. It’s up to you.

(wear coveralls if you choose option 1.)

Answer #9

the front door.. Thats how I get out.. or the window if your door makes noises

Answer #10

Being smart about it is the best way to sneak out.

Answer #11

my parents put an alarm on my house years ago because we have a lot of break ins in why neighborhood , so I was smart enough to figure out how to disconnect it from my window , I just say im going to bed around 9 or tenish and say im a light sleeper so dont come in because then ill be up all night . so no one ever comes in my room , then I climb out my window and come back around 6:30 in the morning (; just be real quiet and make sure everyones asleep or atleast not in the room next to you .

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