Does smoking pot lower my libido?

Are there any big sexual risks if I smoke pot? Saying I do it once or twice maybe a little more a week. Well this drive my sexual ability go down? Or anything?

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It will greatly decrease your chances of having children. The drugs kill your sperm and if you keep it up, eventually you will lose all of them. I would suggest stopping and going to rehab if you ever want to have children. As far as your sexual drive, I'm not entirely sure but your emotions will be greatly affected and your attitude will be neutral all the time. You may not care about sex as much. One thing I am sure about is that most decent women will not be attracted to you because of you smoke marijuana and you will find that less will want to have intercourse or be in a relationship with you. I strongly suggest you stop this now before you become seriously addicted.

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First of all I am a girl so I don't have to worry about my sperm count going down. Second of all I am not addicted to it, and I really don't think that you have any right saying anything about the cops, and accusing me of being addicted thank you.

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Dear sexygal123,
I think you've gotten your answers here but I would just like to add...Marijuana hinders the user's short-term memory and he or she may have trouble handling complex tasks. With the use of more potent varieties of marijuana, even simple tasks can be difficult.
Because of the drug's effects on perceptions and reaction time, users could be involved in auto crashes. Drug users also may become involved in risky sexual behavior. There is a strong link between drug use and unsafe sex and the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Sue...good luck

another pot head that wants to keep smoking
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Yes pot will lower your libido or sex drive. This is because THC in pot lowers testosterone levels, the hormone that is related to the sex drive in both women and men. In men, lower testosterone levels may decrease sperm count and muscle mass, as well.

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uhmmm, for all the people saying to keep smoking it, yall are dumbbb. Don't listen to any of these idiots. They don't know what they are talking about. If you can't have good sex without weed, or stay focused on it, that means it has already affected you and you need to stop right away. I am not trying to give a lecture out there but what would God want you to do in this situation? He wouldn't like it, at all. It isn't just about yall as an individual. Don't go to the cops though. It is up to you if you want the help. Cops would not be the best way though. I would turn to God and keep on praying and He will get you through your problems :) Good Luckk!

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Honey, I have been smoking pot for 24 years. My wife does not at all and doesn't know. I'm good at hiding it.
We have sex every other day sometimes 2 and 3 times a day and have never had an issue. If you use it to relax you and not get paranoid, or smoke so much it makes you sleepy, you will discover an amazingly pleasurable experience.

I take it you already smoke so you know how focused it makes you. Imagine that type of focus while you are having sex...

I say smoke it and and enjoy.

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I wouldn't be worried about that right now, you have a much bigger problem, if you tell the police, tehy won't arrest you, they will try to help you, but if you don't tell them and they find out (which they will) you will be in big trouble, I wouldn't be even thinking about having sex at your current condition, get off the pot, you can't do it alone, tell the police before it's too late, Personal Messege me if you have any questions

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hahahah tell the cops??? stupidest thing I've ever heard! know what the cops would say?
"so just stop!" or even "fuck off! I got better things to do"
fact: in most places in north america (canada and united states) being high is not illegal but carrying small amount of marijuana will result in a fine but most of the time unless your dealing... youll get a slap on the wrist and have to watch the cop walk away with your weed (and prob smoke it for himself)
you probably wouldnt be admitted to rehab (or helped by it) for smoking pot because it dosnt have any addictive properties... if your addicted to it. its strictly psycological... by that I mean you dont need it but YOU DONT WANT TO STOP! but you could easily say... meh I dont want it... and at no point will you be like "AAAH!!! I need a joint!"
this isint one of those times were it affects different poeple differently... it proven by medical science! that there IS NO ADDICTIVE PROPERTIES!
if you dont smoke pot often, a little exercise during your week will help you keep your testosterone at its natural ammount wich can also be helped with a regular multivitamin, since zinc helps your testosterone
pot does not lower testosterone production (technicaly) it simply aromatises (converts) it into estrogen so basicaly stop smoking pot and it will stop converting (as quickly... testosteron naturaly converts to estrogen, pot makes it happen faster)
in men sex drive could be affected but for most men the increased sensitivity and focus pot produces makes them horny-er
in men this can cause lower sperm count (could be good) but will not stop it indefinetly! thats BS! its proven some one who stop smoking pot will have regular sperm count with-in 4-6 weeks... even though you prob dont care, considering your a women, btw pot increases female orgasms (sensitivity + blood flow)wich in turn increases fertility
FACT: coffee is more addictive that pot! (caffein has addictive properties wich if stoped can cause severe withdrawals with symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, severe headaches, dizziness, vomiting, loss of appetite,irritability,ect)p.s. you dont run to the cops saying help im addicted to coffee, now do you?

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what?! you must not believe all this misleading information
first of all never tell a cop anything
thc lowers sperm count in males
and increases fertility in women
weed isnt addictive either
some women naturally have a lower sex drive

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How do you know what God would want? Gimme a break. He probably wouldn't want you calling people idiots because thats RUDE. I find it hilarious when "holier than though" people insult others and then use God as their reason why. What a joke.
Basically, if pot makes you feel a way you don't want to feel, don't use it. It has chemical just like anything else in this world and sometimes it doesn't mesh with people chemistry. Just like how tomatoes make me break out, so I don't eat them. I enjoy pot, but I don't like how it makes me feel before work or school, so I don't smoke it before those events in the day. I've been smoking for over 15 years and sometimes I take a break and sometimes I smoke it constantly. Just listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

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I'm a male 26 years of age whose been smoking since News Years everyday 3 months straight. It has definetly lowered my sex drive. I'm quiting so I can get my mojo back. Usually I always want sex now since I been smoking excessively its made my body not want sex. I haven't had sex in a week and I haven't been horny at all. Even around females. It has also changed my appetite. I don't have a healthy appetite. I don't want to eat unless I smoke and I don't want to smoke unless I eat. Weird! I believe stopping pot smoking will get me back on track to a healthy lifestyle and good sex.

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hey jamie21, have you ever smoked weed? I dont think so. marijuana is natural. it comes from the ground. GOD CREATED IT. same goes for salvia. Meth and heroin and all that crazy stuff is made by people. it doesnt say anywhere in the bible that its bad or evil or a sin. ignorant people piss me off

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I think that marijuana has varying effects depending upon the state of mind of the user. It ia person is in a generally good mood, then most likely it will enhance the feeling of euphoria. If, on the other hand, the user is apprehensive, then the most likely effect is going to be one of heightened apprehension. Heavy users probably experience a loss of libido because like any other drug that is used excessively, it has an "overdrive" effect where it has exactly the opposite effect as its anticipated action.

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This man is surely kidding. If not he's delusional and I feel sorry for him. Ignorance is typically bliss, but I doubt what this brain-moron experiences daily is anything but.

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Great answer bigj.....Everything you do in your life is personal and nothing is layed out in black and pre-decided wrongs and rights.

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