Is there always smoke before a fire and why?

Answer #1

I always thought there was fire before smoke…like if you light a piece of paper on fire with a lighter, it starts burning, then it starts smoking.

Answer #2

That doesnt make sense, the fire produces the smoke. The fire has to come first. I think you’ve got the saying wrong. If there’s smoke there IS fire. Not the smoke comes before fire. And no, I think people (especially women) are bit.chy and catty and like to stir up drama for no apparent reason, I think sometimes there can be talk without any basis of reality.

Answer #3

No - some fires dont even produce smoke at all, if all the carbon is completely combusted.

Answer #4

Yes there could be but it is before the fire begins or just in the beginning.

Answer #5

you remind me of my freind Noddles, she hates women including herself and calls them a disgrace : l

Answer #6


Answer #7

I dont hate women… It would make it rather difficult to date them. But you do have interesting friends. As for women being more prone to interpersonal aggression, that is a matter of what the research says… I didnt come up with that one. Although it is one of those things most people intuitively just know.

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