Do you think smiley faces on the computer look like faces on crack?

Does anyone else think that all smiley faces on the computer look like faces on crack? I mean it looks cute when they show the icon but what about when you type in the : and the ) I mean I really think they do look like on crack. Tell me if you disagree, or agree. :p I mean even the sticking out a toung isn't as bad.

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hey do you guys know how to do this one (^^^)

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well there's a difference between the icon and when you're actually typing it out. it's when you type it out that I got the idea. hehe XP

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Not really...where'd you get that idea??!;)

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ahahaa!!! ^_^ lol.
they just look like smilees to me... =] lol.

what does this face mean? >.< ?

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I disagree how does it look like on crack huh wtheck I mean maybe it might look
weird but crack :) whats crack about that

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lol I say this one :P looks so retarded. lmao

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