Why does the smell of my mom's make-up make me feel sick?

I’ve always had this weird thing.. My mom’s make-up, the way it smells to me was fine if I was just giving her a hug or something, but today she put some on my face and the smell made me feel like I was going to be sick O.o Could I be alergic to somthing in it or somthing?

Answer #1

You could be allergic or just not like the smell.Maybe your mom can consider changing her makeup lol?Or you could go for an allergy test.

Answer #2

I like to think that if something smells bad to me, it’s because my nose works like it’s supposed to and what I’m detecting is a toxic chemical.

Of course, most things aren’t truly dangerous unless there’s so much of it that you stop getting enough oxygen into your blood. It should be safe to train your brain to cancel out the unpleasant odor.

The other purpose of smell is pheromone detection, but I doubt that applies here.

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