Smart, or dork?

Im pretty smart. and thats all people see me as. if im out places, people see other things because they dont know me. im cute and have shiny brown long hair. I wish the guys at my school could see that. theres only about 500 of them, so they all know me for academics if nothing else. I want to know how to be known as something other than smart, without sacraficing my grades.

Answer #1

I HAVE friends and dont want to be popular but I just want to outgrow the DORK status

Answer #2

so basically you want to be popular? yeah the popular kids aren’t cool even though people see them that way. they’re shallow and have no personality except the fake ones they buy. just make more friends is your best bet and be nice but don’t trust anyone.

Answer #3

Well it sounds as if you want to win a popularity contest. If not then just concentrate on one social group at a time. Hang out with different people and maybe then you’ll finally realize that you should not care how people judge you in school because it has no affect on you in the future. Being smart is not a bad thing either. I was labeled as a wife beater lol for some odd reason just because nobody knew anything about me except my closest friends. And of course it turns out one of the main ones who gave me this name turned out to be my future wife =P (No I don’t beat her…)

Answer #4

yup make a lot of friends

Answer #5

You should just make friends who have the same interests as you.

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