Can you have smaller breasts and still be an hourglass figure?

I'm trying to determine my body shape and I just cannot figure out if I am pear or hourglas. I wear a 34 B bra and size 34 pants (actually 33,but you don't really get that much). Also my shoulders aren't tiny, like I've seen in the pear shaped figures and I don't have huge thighs, however I do have a fair amount of backside. So can anyone help me figure out what shape I am because I am totally lost about it.

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well the hourglass really relies on the tiny waist if you think about it, if you have a small chest, tiny waist and a larger bottom thenyeah its still like a hourglass. But really its more like a pear shape. also a larger chest, tiny waist, and a tiny bottom is more of a apple shape too.

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oh and i forgot to mention it sounds fairly hourglass, try taking a tape measure (a flexible one ofcourse) and take the measurements of your chest, waist, and backside. i.e. im a 34, 33. 38 so ima pear shape but i still have enough curves to look like an hour glass, get it?

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I think having a well shaped boobs add bonus to an hourglass shape. It is an asset for every women. When one has a smaller breasts but with a shapely body, the upper part can be improved by using padded bras. But having smaller breasts doesn't really matter as a well shaped butts can make up for the small breasts. Dressing is important to make the overall physical look of a person stunning.

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It all depends on your waist size, and your hips as well,
not just your breasts :)

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Well, it's difficult. Now they say that just smaller waist makes you an hourglass, but I think it's not like that.
Hourglass needs curvs, big curvs. Big booty, hips, big breasts, wide shoulders and tiny waist.
If you have tiny waist, wide hips but small breasts, narrow shoulders, then you are pear. Apple shape has wider waist, narrow hips and normal shoulders.

Women don't need to be hourglass to look amazing. All bodytypes have their own cons. and negs.

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But I don't have narrow shoulders and my hips aren't wide. That is why I am I know you don't need to have an hourglass to look good, but I would like to know which body type I am.

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I have had the same problem. The thing is with bodytypes, it depends on WHERE do your body restore most fats. I am very slim and therefore I cannot really tell what my bodytype is. So I assume you are kind of slender too, so then there is difficult to say what exactly is your body type. I recommend not to worry about it that much. Think about what bodyparts you want to look bigger (hips, breasts?) and what do you want to look smaller (waist, shoulders?) and dress according to that. :)

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yes - if your shoulders and your hips are about the same width, or similar width, and you have a small waist, you have an hour-glass figure

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