What does it mean if your small dog's feces are yellow?

Is it something I should be worried about, or is it normal? I just got my dog, and I am giving it the same food I give my other dog. It’s not the same food as it has been eating though… Could this have caused it? …and will the feces continue to be yellow, or will she get used to the food and her feces return to brown?

Answer #1

Well that’s happened to my dog… did you change food or something? That can cause it….

Answer #2

Usually the color of the dogs poo corresponds to what they have been eating. Did you change foods? Is the food she is eating corn based? (is corn the first ingedient on the package), did you find her some people food that was yellow colored?

Generally its not a big deal, my guys have orange poos from the carrots they eat : )

Answer #3

I did start her on the food we give our other dog, which isn’t what she has been fed before. The main ingredient is beef, it said nothing about corn…besides corn syrup.

Answer #4

Consult a vet

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