How can I slim my lower body?

I’m about 5’7 and I weigh about 140 pounds. I have a really nice torso but my legs lower body is big (thighs and legs) and I don’t really know what to do because I want to have nicer and firmer legs.. (keep in mind that I can’t ride a bike). Any help please?

Answer #1

o my god I have the SAME SAME problem. im 5’8 and 144 pounds. AND I hate my lower body soo much. I sort of found a solution for my problem -I drank 10 glassees of water EVERYDAY -did 8min squats 6 times a week -went walkin for 25mins on weekends SO yeah, that was pretty much I did and I noticed firmer legs in less than 2 weeks!! YAY! Im sure it will work 4 you as well

Answer #2

Hi shirley!

Check out this website. It has a bunch of exercises to strengthen and tone the lower body.

Hope that helps!

Answer #3

have you tried cycling? otherwise taking ‘sit ups’ about 10-20 times a day will also work out. think this will help…

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