Sleeping pills

What is a safe amount of sleeping pills to take with out dying

Answer #1

You supposed to take two 20mins before you go to sleep…or at least the ones I have need to. Or one 20mins before and then another if you wake again. Most will have the instructions either on the box or on the leaflet. But it’s best not to take them for too long. Hope this helped x

Answer #2


We aren’t medical professionals :( A lot depends on the type of medication. Please discuss it with your doctor.

Answer #3

thats your first problem right there you need to have prescribed sleeping pills they should be the right ones for you talk to your doctor and hell be able to pick a certain one that will help you sleeping pills can have many side affects never just get some and start taking them you need to know about what your taking first if you have any that you know nothing about, throw them out, there not for you

Answer #4

The prescribed amount…

Answer #5

yeah look at the bottle and take the ammount it says to take

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