How do people sleep?

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to get asleep?
simply go to bed when u start to feel tired....don`t think bout things u did during the day or thingsu have to do tomorrow.....try to think about something really boring (like school lesson) when u can`t fall asleep get up and start doing something boring, like reading ....i can`t sleep 2 it is real horror.....

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Do you mean, how do some people get to sleep? I'm guessing that means you're having some trouble falling asleep, clarify it a little and I'd be happy to help you.

I cant sleep!

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with a pill /covers mostly/but when i cant sleep i watch tv.

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The easiest way to try to go to sleep is to read a long, boring book or do something that is going to tire you out..a warm milk drink helps..stay off any caffeine from late afternoon on..make sure you have a comfortable place to sleep with peaceful, quiet surroundings and that you are stress not think about what plans to make but think about where in the world you would like most to be as relaxing thoughts will bring on sleep better.If you still cannot sleep and you have a them a story, sing them songs and massage them and that will certainly tire you out too.

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Sometimes it helps to drink something warm like tea or milk, make sure you've exercised during the day and aren't waking up too late- have a regular routine for getting ready for bed and also put away all work from the day and get it out of your bedroom if you can. Sometimes it helps if you're being distracted by worries to just think about how tired you are and how much you want to sleep. Good luck.

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Don't watch tv or play video games or anything like that, because it'll stimulate your brain and keep you awake all night. You should read a book, because it'll relax you and trust me, you will fall asleep soon, it works every time with me. And don't eat a lot of sugary foods or any foods actually close to bedtime.

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