Skinny Jeans for Man

Is it proper for a man of average buildto wear skinny jeans, if yes, then what is physicl dimension is required I.e. waist, leg lenght etc?

Answer #1

its all up to you a lot of guys wear them, and you dont have to be skinny if fact they have nothing to do with being skinny its the style of jeans that hugs your legs rocks stars used to wear them back in the day people of every size wear them now, so its not a matter or “reqirements” its just finding a pair that fits you

Answer #2

I think skinny jeans look great on men to be honest. It is just a matter of personal opinion, but if you want to wear them, go ahead! Whatever you want to wear, you go wear it :)

As for measurements I don’t have a clue, but most mens shops do have skinny jeans that you can just try on in the fitting rooms.

Answer #3

please dont! as a female it is a huge pet peeve of mine. First off its reminds me of my own jeans which is weird cause I would never ever date somone who could wear my own jeans. Also it shows off how skinny you are and personaly skinny guys are not turn ons so in my oppinion dont but really its up to you and your personal style

Answer #4

My husband has broad shoulders and is 6 feet tall. I could never imagine him in skinny jeans. Yet I have never seen him try any all. I always think of those nasty skinny, no meat on bones, scene kids when I think of skinny jeans on men. I don’t know maybe they do look good and actual sized men. Ill make my hubby try some on now and if he looks stupid at least I can crack up when he gets stuck it them.

Answer #5

I don’t think you have to be physically born a certain way to be able to wear skinny jeans! I think that you should always have a second judgement on what you wear. Ask a friend or a family member if they look good on you! I’ve seen both short and tall men wear them. If you are on the shorter side, be careful because they could just make you look shorter. The only time I think I’ve seen anyone under 5’ 4” pull it off and look really really good, the person was pretty thin, thus making them look taller! If it just looks horrible though, you should be able to tell. As long as your package isn’t visibly outlined and your stomach isn’t bulging over the top than I think your good to go!

Answer #6

its really up to you and how you think you look in them

Answer #7

I think it is ok for men to wear jeans , I would love 2 but im not very skinny

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