Do you need skill to be a bus/truck driver?

Answer #1

Driving skills, being in control of a bus or a truck is way different from a car. I dont think its all that hard though to get the training.

Answer #2

In the US you need a special license.

Answer #3

yeas you dont need training though you just need to have the basic driving skills and you need to practice for sometime with the vehical so you are well up with the vehical.

Answer #4

I think the only skills you need for bus driving is driving skills and common sense.

Answer #5

Well you have to drive hahaha( :

Answer #6

Well you have to drive hahaha( :

Answer #7

true that!

Answer #8

In the USA you need a CDL (commercial drivers lincence) and is a more involved driving exam. Once you are driving it doesn’t feel that much different driving forward compared to a car. The special skill that you will also need is that trucks have more than 10 gears forward and also you have to double clutch between gears. A lot of buses are automatic but you need a separate test for a passenger endorsement in your licence. In the US also you need a physical exam and health card every one to two years and drug testing. Also must companies carry hazardous materials so you need to past another test for that so you know what kind of placards to put on your vehicle to show what materials you are transporting. You also need good mapping skills to ensure where you are gonna fuel and stop and what approved roads are you allowed to travel on. There are many roads that trucks can’t travel on because of different laws or weight restrictions. Also many bridges and overpasses may be too low for the truck and you don’t want to hit those.

Answer #9

oh wow best answer yet! thanks!

Answer #10

Thanks! I forgot to mention that backing a truck or bus is also something that takes lots of practice. You have to use your side mirrors for that and if you are towing a trailer then the trailer moves in the opposite direction when you are backing!!! So if you are backing a trailer and you want the back of the trailer to move left you turn your steering wheel to your right and if you want it to move right you turn the steering wheel left. Try to do that at night with a 80’ long vehicle in the pouring rain with foggy mirrors or in the snow. :\

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