Is there a site online that you can do practice questions for PA driving permit?

i am studying the manual and such i just want to know how well i know it and do some practice questions to insure i know the information before take the actual test.

Answer #1

I do not know the answer to that, but I can tell you this.

Study study study. :)

Answer #2

i wish their was a practice test in the manual, i am studying really hard so i don’t fail and get embarrassed. i am already embarrassed cuz i waited this long to decide to get it.

Answer #3

Most of the questions are common sense, but there is a booklet that you can study from that clearly covers everything… Good luck…

Answer #4

yeah for sure and thanks, i just freeze up during test so i want to have the information embedded b4 taking it haha

Answer #5

Its all computerized, just don’t overthink the question…

Answer #6

alright thanks =)

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