What to do about my sinuses?

I am going to the doc on mon bc i was diagnoised with Sevre sinusitis. I have to work tonight at 11p,-7am all weekend… is there away i cud calm it down so i can consentrate on work this weekend.

Answer #1

Nasal saline irrigation is something that might help. Rinse your sinuses with warm salt water, you can use a neti pot or a large syringe. You should also sleep with a humidifier running.

Antihistamines may make you feel better but they can make your sinusitis worse so I’d only use these as a last resort.

Answer #2

The best thing to do is consult an ENT specialist. I had sinus problem too, tried many home remedies, but things got worse. Then I consulted an ENT specialist who cured my sinus problem within a week, by prescribing the right medicine. All I did was pop the tablets he had prescribed!

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