sims urbz, how to find the map to the island/ and the dancing anim

how do i find the map to the island, and what is the Nutra thingy? and were is it???

Answer #1

the map i think is on the top floor of saltys boat ,where the bed is tnext to it is a ladder up there.The dancing nutria,when you go into glasstown from the market as soon as you go in you will see a block of stairs going down ,this is on your right go down the seps and there will be a little blue boat thingy,climb aboard and control. foe your sim turn right for u its left go under the bridge and keep going and you will go past some ropes go past those and you will come to a stop and a little tiny island.on this island there are little brown animals these are the dancing nutrias. stand next to one and press A twice to pick it up.

Answer #2

First you need to get the fanboat. If you haven’t gotten the fanboat yet then you need to talk to Gordie (asleep in the University) he will wake up. He tells you that you need popularity of 30. When you have your 30 then talk to him again. He says you need a map. Get on to Old Salty’s ship and go to the top room (look for the parrot). Climb the ladder and you should see the map. Go back to Gordie he’ll say he will let you borrow the fanboat. The map will lead you there with a little icon of you on the map to follow. Follow the map to the dancing nutra which look like bats.

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