Silly What If...

Okay, what if I was in a Walmart and intentionally began screaming at the top of my lungs, and then run around like a monster knocking over asiles? How would the staff handle the situation? And how often does something that strange, weird, out of the ordinary, and hilarious occur in big chain stores such as Walmart?

Answer #1

I would laugh I saw some weird things and that would top it

Answer #2

I will be laughing as well if I saw that … but I dont really see that in wal-mart!! haha=]

Answer #3

Probably Police and to the Hospital to be evaluated.

Answer #4

I’d be laughing at you if I saw that!!:)

Answer #5

One time I started to do that in a cereal isle ( put my fist out and started to knock boxers over while humming loudly and skipping)and my mom scolded me and asked why I was acting like my younger brothers who have ADHD. I still don’t understand why I wanted to be so senseless, maybe I thought I would feel something that made me feel free.

Answer #6

Why would someone do that? Very immature. Personally I think you should find something better to do with your time, go get a job or something.

Answer #7

You’d probably spend a night in jail, cop a hefty fine, or have to do some community work.

Also, how is that hilarious? Get a life.

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