How to make tye-dye with food coloring?

haha. I want to make my boyfriend a tye-dye shirt. & im making one already w/ real tye-dye stuff but I can only do it w/ one color. how can I make one with 2 colors & food dye? :]

Answer #1

if you want it to stay, soak the shirt in soda ash or vinegar.
do not use food coloring, though. that won’t work.
buy dye from a grocerie store and put it into a waterbottle and apply it to the shirt by squirting it on. it works.

Answer #2

I’m pretty certain that food colouring won’t last - it will begin to come out in the wash.

But this website has instructions on how to do two colours of tie dye:

Have fun!

Answer #3

yer food dye will most certainly come out with water but you could try mixing the 2 colours you have together!

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