sidekick or iPhone??

Sidekick or iPhone which one do you like better???

Answer #1

the sidekick DEFINITLY it has almost all the things as the iphone and the iphone breaks SOSOSO easily My friend has it and shes extremely careful with everything and she has had to replace it 4 times! its crazy!

Answer #2

My iPhone doesn’t break easily at all. It works nicely, and there’s a lot to do on it. It’s super convenient, also.

Answer #3

Iphone. There’s more to do, and the sidekick is for t-mobile I think, and I don’t like t-mobile..

Answer #4

I have the I phone and there is always something to do with it and ya you have to be careful but who doesn’t with any cell!?

Answer #5

I’d rather a Sidekick. I have heard a lot of negative things about the iPhone.

Answer #6

I think side kicks are better but I also like the iPhone

Answer #7

Defenetely Sideckick.!!!

Answer #8

definitely sidekick!

Answer #9


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