Which is better: iPhone or a Sidekick 3?

I’am getting a cellphone which is better



Answer #1

Probabaly the sidekick 3… it is easier to text w/, and to work w/ and stuff

your girl, LiZzY

Answer #2

sidekick 3 is cute and all but it messes up and doesnt have half as much features as iphone. This is coming from some one who has the stupid sidekick

Answer #3

iphones have sick cameras. my boyfriends got one. I love it. ima steal it ;] syke. lmao

Answer #4

…depends on what you’re looking for, and who your service provider is. The iPhone is only available through AT&T/Cingular, and the Sidekick is through T-Mobile, I think.

The Sidekick is good for avid texters, and the iPhone is good for buying something overpriced and very breakable and ultimately not living up to the hype…

Answer #5

Hands down iPhone…if you are an AT&T customer don’t waist another minute using anything less. And if you’re not an AT&T customer you should probably switch. And even if someone’s phone was acting weird within 10 days after he got it Apple has one of the best (not to mention domestic) customer service systems I have ever dealt with. I’m sure that guy had a new phone within a week. The only people who think the iPhone is only hype are most likely ones who have never even held one. Take it from a more than satisfied customer, you can’t go wrong with Apple.

Answer #6

sidekick 3 I hate iphones no offense tho

Answer #7

dunno maby sidekick 3 because of typing I got a lx

Answer #8

sidekick my boyfriend has one and I luv it cept I have and enV lol katelynn

Answer #9

smiles is a liar and a thief . . . btw

Answer #10

helio ocean.!

Answer #11

they’re all high tecg they r great also is the blackberry

Answer #12

Never had neither, but probably the iPhone.

Answer #13

Sidekick lx.

Answer #14

Iphone, it has more features!

Answer #15

my cousin had got an iphone & had to return it after 10 days cuz it was acting weird..but maybe it was just her bad luck lol

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