How to not be so shy and embarrasssed in the bedroom?


Answer #1

Well you shouldn’t be either of those things because the person you are with should love you for who you are you have nothing to be shy or embarrassed about when it comes to the bedroom

Answer #2

Perhaps this is a sign that you just aren’t ready to do that with that person? Obviously you aren’t comfortable with that person. If you’re comfortable with the person, you most definitely would not be shy nor embarrassed.

Answer #3

Yeah i totally agree with her if he was the right man you wouldn’t be either of those things

Answer #4

I disagree. I think its normal to feel shy and embarrased. Expecially the 1st time. You may be ready but un sure if you are good you may be insecure a little. I know how you feel. It just takes practice lol. The more you do it the more comfortable you will be and you can let out the inner freak. Im still shy around my fiance when we try new things and we been together a year and im pregnant lol. Its normal to feel that way when u have sex with a person the 1st time. I would say have a little wine or some drinks to losen you up 1st.. Not drunk just tipsy. So you can be more confident lol.

Answer #5

I’ve been with my partner for a long time now and I still get shy in the bedroom. But after time you just don’t really care about it anymore. I don’t think it means that you are with the wrong person. Some people are more shy than others. But I agree you shouldn’t feel embarrassed.

Answer #6

hahaha i know the answer even though im 13 i still know the answer its because ur not in the mood hahah i feel like loser answering this question

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