How do i shutdown my system using the keyboard?

cant recall how to. help out please. how do i shutdown using the keyboard?

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windows key [between ctrl and alt] - right arrow key [if shut down isnt there press it twice and use the up arrow key] - enter

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it really isnt working? how can i do it using dos?

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you mean this doesnt work because its a should.

start/windows key - run - "shutdown -s" [without quotes] a message wipp pop up telling you the system is going to shut down in a minute or something. cant remember exactly :p

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you can press the start key, up arrow key, over arrow key and enter key, then that shut down thing will opo up and you can press the right arrow key then enter key. Dunno if that's what you meant but it works. Also my keyboard has a key with a moon on it which will put my computer on stand by or sleep, until I hit another key.

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k. it worked on a desktop. but my laptop wont give into that command. dnt know why.thanks though

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