I am perego with my bm8ts brothers baby

I am perego with my bm8ts brothers baby he all ready ows and shud I tell my mum ?

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first your question is very confusing, I have no idea who you are pregnant by. And you are 14 so YES you need to talk to your mother, I am now 8 weeks pregnant and I am 33 and still learning things I should do or not do or eat or not eat.
This is a big deal so grow up and take care of it.

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Yeah, if you tell her sooner, she will feel better because she will know that you can confide in her, and that you trust her and it will just make her feel better... I would want to know sooner if I was in her situation.


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You're pregnant with your brother's baby?

my lil brother wanting to hump me?
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Well yeah you should tell her, obviously she's going to find out one way or another. It's best she hears it from you and not someone else. The sooner you tell her, the better.

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