how does it feel to have a trip off of shrooms?

how does it feel to have a trip off of shrooms.?

Answer #1

It’s different for everyone, as with any halluconegens

Answer #2

HAHA, Madmockes ! <3 thats was bombb.

Answer #3

welll… first you see platypuses flying arouhd your head in a clockwise motion then you start to fly with them all the way to hogwarts on a penis balloon powered by popeye, a small little fella.. you will feel neat, like a vampire that sparkles in the sun, but not like edwwrd bc hes lame, and shrooms dont make you feel lame. and then you floatt back to taco hut where you can buy a whopper grande while being chased by little orange garden gnomes.. like a huge mob, like extremely biggg. trust me, I know from personal expirience.

Answer #4

Fantastic :P

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