What do you think of the show Ugly Americans?

Idk what it is about that show but I can’t stop watching…I don’t think it’s too funny so idk y I watch it but yea…

Answer #1

Never heard of it. But if it’s a funny show, then whenever I find it, I MIGHT become addicted to it like I am with iCarly.

Answer #2

Dude you are so my new best friend! I love iCarly

Answer #3


Answer #4

haha =D

Answer #5

Lol, I think its entertaining. I don’t know why I watch it, it’s just ‘yeah’.

Answer #6

Very dumb show with no plot other than if monsters and demons walked the world. Nonetheless it is funny. So yes, yes I do.

Answer #7

i think its somewhat smart in its social outlook and is pretty funny with its weird creativity

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