What do you think about American Idol's Carly Smithson?

If you haven’t heard about this then here is a little info. on it: Carly Smithson (formerly Carly Hennessy- she got married) has made it through to the Hollywood auditions on American Idol. It has just been discovered that she has already had a recording contract with MCA who backed her with millions of dollars and she only sold hundreds of albums in 2001.

So, do you think that she should be kicked off of American Idol because of her previous recording contract or should she be allowed to continue? I personally like her voice, but I think that it would be sending the wrong message about American Idol because they are supposed to be all about “undiscovered” talent, right?

Answer #1

If she already had a recording contract I don’t think she should be allowed to continue. Basically because she already had a chance to become something great, so I think its someone else’s turn. It would say a lot about American Idol I think, because they are supposed to discover someone new. If they chose the winner to be someone who previously had a record deal, I think the show would go down in flames because thats not very fair to the other contestants.

Answer #2

aWeSoMe I have most of her songs on my iPod shes really good

Answer #3

I guess someone would say it was ok or not to be on the show, most of the idols have studio recordings. I don’t think this is there first time on a stage.

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