Should I wear make-up?

Im 14 and most of my friends + people at school wear makeup. I once tried some mascara but it looked wierd. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I wasnt used to it or something, or it just didnt look good. It makes it worse that im self-concious + my self esteem is a bit on the low side ;/ So if I do wear some for school my friends (who are a bit loud) will be like “Your wearing make-up!” and people will look + I know this sounds wierd but I don’t like all the attention haha So if you can help please?

I’m not sure what kind of answer im looking for, it’s seems to be a bit of a dead end :s But thanks for any advice :D

Answer #1

your like my friend kate we put makeup on her and she was like eww I look wierd and took it off when everyone else was like she looks so good!

and she was the only one who thought she looked wierd

im acually an intern at a makeup department and if you need any tips or have any qeustiong feel free to ask :D

Answer #2

Mascara would probably look really nice on you…you just might not know how to use it correctly…like the first time I tried…it got all over the place. And I lovee eyeliner! You should wear it too! What color hair do you have? Because theres all kinds of colors of eyeliner:)

Answer #3

when I first used mascara it looked weird too but l then I tried it again a couple years later lol it looks great. makes you look a lot more awake and alert. bright.

wear a simple eyeliner and if you want glowy skin since its almost winter, bronzers are very popular, you should search youtube how to use bronzers (it gives you a very healthy sun kissed glow) and follow the steps. you will be on your way to having radiant skin.

Answer #4

Your welcome;) winkwink*

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