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Should I strip on the weekends to pay for college?

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While talking to my friends, they mentioned that some girls (and by that I mean 18 to 21 year olds) actually stay in big cities to work as erotic/go-go dancers and make about 5 grand a night to help pay for college.
and this little comment have made me wonder if its true?
I would do it, but would be scared of my reputation as a decent college student (no offense to exotic dancers) I respect what they do. But ofcourse I dont plan of doing that for more than a weekend or so. I want to finish school, but its soo hard to pay for college.
Is it true that I can win that disputable amount of money a night in a big city pub?
I am 19, junior in college, 5'7, slim and slender, hispanic and I have a pretty face, should I???