How to pay for college and rent?

Ok so here in a few months im gna be going to this school in greeley thats through AIMS so I can get ma GED…so after im done with that im planning on moving to denver to go to this message therapist community college…im not sure if I wna save up for a car an just drive every day or get an apartment up there…I wna move there so I can be closer to ma boyfriend bt im not sure I can make enough $ to rent an apartment pay the billz every month an pay 4 college…I don’t know what to do any advice???

Answer #1

Try loans, you won’t have to pay them back until your out of college. You will probably need a co-signer. Also, many schools have a work study system for the students that don’t have a lot of money they’ll give them a job on campus. Your best bet would talk to the college you get accepted to and they should give you a list of loans you could apply for.

Answer #2

you can sell stuff on ebay or make stuff and sell it on ebay.

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