Should i let my boyfriend suck my tits?

My boyfriend ask me can he suck my tits. And im not sure what to say. So thats why im asking someone else.

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Why in the workd WOULDN'T you let him suck your tits? It is part of making out, ... part of making love and part of life. ALL guys like to suck and kiss tits, ... it is not abnormal.

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It's you're body, only let him do it when your most comfortable. When you know you're ready for that, tell him, but tell him you may not be ready. He should respect your decision either way. :)

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do it!!! when I heard of it I was like ew that sounds weird, but I loved it!!! it feels awesome!

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it is up to u?

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yeah do it it feels so good u feel on top of the world my boyfriend did it to me and i go soo wet he was nibbling and squeezing them hard! what fun

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yeah, let him suck even u will like it later. my guy always squeeze and rub my boobs and nipples with his finger, den he suck as much as he can sumtime he bite my nipple, its hurts little but i like to have dat pain.. nice feeling...

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Reflect a little on the pros and cons to you. Sometimes love requires the counsel of the mind.

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