My boyfriend wants me to suck his dick

my boyfriend wants me to feel his dick we both 14 do you think we too young

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If you aren't ready then don't do it. If you want to then go for it, that's normal teenage stuff.

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If he's pressuring you into doing so, he's not worth it.
If you feel uncomftorable and you're not ready, tell him that but if he dumps you then,
It's not your fault. You are both too young, in fact, you're a year older tnan me.

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i think that is a little bit young,

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i did it to my boyfriend and trust me t was sooo fun i couldent stop it went on for like hours i was doing it in my bedroom and my parents were asking me to come out and alli could do was moan!

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just do it it will make ur realationship better

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Not if you aren't comfortable with it! But if you want to it's fine

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