Should I get a double ear piercing? Should I get a needle or a gun?

I am now 13. I had gotten my first ear piercing at 11 and now one of my friends suggested we get double ear piercing.We are going to the mall on Saturday July 4th and I need help to see if I should get it with a needle or a gun. I also wanted to know where I should get them… ear lobes( I dont know how they would do that ) if you looked up on google images and searched double ear piercing the third one from the right in thats what I wanted. please someone help. And also I did get the honor role got As and B`s so that is why my mom and dad are okay with the idea of getting them double pierced. Anyone please help!!

Answer #1

I think you should get it done! I got my double ear piercings when I was 13 and it didnt hurt at all. I would say use the gun too because it is fast and easyy. I got mine done by my neighbor who pierces earss and stuff. and I just recently got my cartilage done and I had them use the gun too. it is a lot quicker and less painful.

Answer #2

If you are piercing anything other than your earlobe you need to use a piercing needle, so you will have to go to a piercing/tattoo shop because they cant do them anywhere in the mall.

The gun is not a good idea for anything other than the earlobe because it doesnt remove the cartilage when its piercing, it just forces through. Cartilage can break (hence why you can break your nose) and it cannot be easily fixed. The force of the gun can shatter your cartilage leaving you with an ear that looks like a piece of califlower or it can make the cartilage bump up aroung the piercing which is also very not cute. You need to use a needle because they are hollow and instead of just forcing through they remove the cartilage in the area where you want the piercing.

I googled like you recommended and the piercing I believe you are refering to is called an industrial (I added the picture to this post) I have my industrial pierced and I really enjoy it. It takes a lot more care though than your earlobes do so you will have to pay extra special attention to it. You will have to go to a piercing/tattoo shop to get an industrial and they will use a needle. It is uncomfortable, but not unbareable (if you dig your fingernail into the upper part of your ear until it starts getting hot that is about what you can expect to feel) You will need to keep your hair off of it and keep it clean with antibacterial soap or bactine, no alcohol or peroxide. Do not pick at it when it scabs or if it oozes stuff. Just clean that off with warm water, picking at it can make it bleed and cause it to take longer to heal. Otherwise its a fun piercing and you can find some really unique jewelry if you know where to look ;)


Answer #3

If you want it done, I’d say go for it.

It is always better to get a needle than a gun though. Although I got my Cartillage done with a gun and not a needle, and haven’t had problems, it is much safer, and heals faster if you get it pierced with a needle.

Answer #4

The gun is NOT safer. The gun shatters the cartilage. It makes healing time LONGER. And also guns are used on several people and can not be sterilized very well. A needle is the safer choice. Don’t go to the mall to get it done. Have your parents take you to a professional piercer. Not some bubble gum chewing airhead at claires that was showed how to put a mark on an ear and shoot. I have been piercing for 6 years and I am a professional.

Answer #5

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