Should I shave down there?

Should I shave down there???

Answer #1

WAX! its worth it feels great not painful feEELS AWESOME FOR 2 WEEKS! shaving not so awesome grows within 3 days and ugly lol… and about someone bieng down there waxing you its like getting your toes done they do it all day and make sure who you go to look up in citysearch…its notthing to be shamefull if someone is down there…

Answer #2

NOOOO, wax if you must, but NEVER, under any circumstances shave. I tried it a couple times and I got all these ingrown hairs and it was red and itvhy for days. It was like I dies and went to hell! Besides, there’s supposed to be hair down there to prevent bacteria from getting in and causing infection. Still, if you wanna be hair-free, get it waxed, but never shave!

Answer #3

I’m a guy and to tell the truth I don’t have a strong preference either way. Shaved or natural are both fine to me. Some women I knew shaved and some didn’t.

Of course if you are wearing a tiny swimsuit you don’t want to have a tarantula down there.

Answer #4

umm i shave and never once have i gotten ingrown hairs. if u shave agaisnt the grain that happens but if u dont u shouldnt have ne problems. PLUS waxings painful and expensive. and its really akward having some random person doing it, if ur gonna wax do it urself.

Answer #5

okay, i do shave. and i havent ever got an engrown hair. gross. I prefer shave. it does make you feel cleaner. i wouldnt wax, way much pain. trust me.

Answer #6

YES!!!! would you want to go down on a guy that was all hairy? well as a guy, I think it’s much sexier if a girl shaves! (waxing is better I hear though)

Answer #7

I shave I like how it makes me feel, and most guys I knw prefer it to be shaved, they say it looks a lot better, but what you do is up to you

xoxo tela

Answer #8

its better to shave, trimming sucks… you may get red bumps but your skins should get use to it,, just use hot water on your spot for a while then using good shaving cream… not the cheap crap. ps. guys like shaved more than not shaved

Good luck.

Answer #9

Only if YOU want to. If your partner is a gentleman, he’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do with your body. I always start a relationship with hair, but end up shaving it later because I have this terrible self-conscious feeling that everyone else is doing it and I’m the only hairy freak in the world. I always get shave bumps, though! I usually put salicylic acid lotion on after, which seems to help a little, but there are still tiny red bumps. AND it gets spiky like the next day! I wish guys would learn to like REAL women who look like women and not little kids so that we could all just stop it. Sigh…

Answer #10

You shouldn’t get bacteria if you wash yourself daily.

Answer #11

Yea i’d have to agree with snowboarder

Answer #12

katie, it is repulsive if you dont. honestly, do it!

Answer #13

absolutely it’s a must

Answer #14

most men like it shaved but its really up to you.

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