Should an average 15 year old weigh 110 pounds

Should an average 15 year old weigh 110 pounds or is that like fat I have been underweight for all my life but now that im almost 16 I feel gross people say its my bust but is 110 way over weight or just fine ??

Answer #1

Check for your correct weight range: Put your numbers in the first box and you’ll get a readout of your ideal weight, weight range, and BMI: and weight range automatically shows up in the third box:

Take care !!

Answer #2

Yea you are so lucky I’ve been on a diet for 5 months! Dont get me wrong im proud of my self but I’m still at a place I dont feel right. I weigh 130ibs. I want to be were you are,believe me your NOT FAT!

Answer #3

you are not fat I wish I can weight 110lbs and im 15 years old I weight 120lbs and im 4’11 im so short which makes me look like afreaken tomatoe lol but yeha I bet yewr taller than me and loook so skinny

Answer #4

What’s your height at? I don’t think its fat. You’re probably fine; stop worring about it.

Answer #5

WOW your far from fat

Answer #6

wtf…you’re not fat.

Answer #7

im am 5’10 ans 130 lbs an people call me slim.

Answer #8

im 15 110 5’6 im cut so I look good

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