what does the average 15 year old, 5"5 girl usually weigh?

I am 15 ,5”5, I have a medium build and I know I am fat. I weigh 142lbs. And I can’t seem to lose any weight. what do I do? I want to be skinny sooo bad!.

Answer #1

your perfect the way you are! I calculated your BMI and it says your healthy and if you gain like 10lbs more, you can still be at a healthy weight, but im not suggesting to gain weight ok, just maintain your current weight

Answer #2

when I was 15 I weighed 107 pounds…I had some problems for a while tho so I don’t know…ig it would depend on how much of your weight is taken by muscles/bone/fat ect.

Answer #3

you could always calculate your bmi (just google bmi calculator and find one…super easy) this will show you if you are in the healthy zone for your body mass index (weight vs. height) you could use it as guidelines for how much weight to loose if you want too, but, honestly I dont think your fat. I suggest if you want to loose weight only drop about 10-15 pounds, im sure some people will disagree and say oh no thats too much, but its your body. haha.

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