What kind of shoe do you like best?

What kind of shoe do you like best

Answer #1

flip flops I live in just flip flops and im australian so it all adds up lets say I live in boardies flip flops and singlets with a coke zero in my hand all the time lol

Answer #2

Nike Air Force One-Black

Answer #3

lol was the question what brand label of shoes do you like or was it what type of shoes? I used to wear platforms all the time until my landlord chided me saying I would fall down the stairs and break my ankle. I came home from work one day and he had bought me a pair of running shoes in the hopes of converting me. the first day I wore them I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle.

Answer #4

nike sb adio vans osiris dvs lakia dc duffs emerica es globe fallen etnies element dekline addidas ice cream zoo york

Answer #5

converse all-star and chuck taylor. converse just rock. they also go well with skinny jeans’

Answer #6

I like air jordans 8 aqua 8s and I was upset of the 23s

Answer #7

“Converse All Stars!”

Answer #8

converse chuck taylors, crocs and thongs. ( or “ flip-flops “ )

Answer #9

I love my nike shoes and my ecko shoes I also luv, dc,adio,vans, basically skateboard shoes

Answer #10

Anything that is comfortable and looks cute at the same time.

Sketchers aren’t ugly, they have some really cute shoes.

Answer #11

sketchers are not ugly maby the ones you are looking at

Answer #12

sperrys :) or clark wallabee’s orrr just cute flip flops!

Answer #13

EWWW sketchers are so ugly. chuck taylors.<3.

Answer #14

sketchers are not ugly

Answer #15

sketchers are not ugly

Answer #16


Answer #17


Answer #18

abercrombie, american eagle, hollister flip flops

Answer #19

I love flip flops!! Flip flops with a little height on them are the best for a shortie like me!!

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