What kind of shoes should I wear with this dress?

I recently purchased the ballet dress in chocolate brown from the Gap… I am wearing it to a semi-casual wedding this weekend. What should I wear for shoes? I was thinking along the lines of Espadrilles… something brown/natural… perhaps some simple beading. I am only 5’ 3” and DEFINITELY need the height, so… what do you think?

Answer #1

I think that you might want to consider a dark golden color as well. Gold will give the fancy, almost formal look, and since the dress is brown it would look fantastic. But if the dress is more than one color which as you said was brown, gold might not be the right thing to wear. My suggestion is to bring your dress to a shoe store and try on shoes while you wear the dress. Remember being comfortable is much more rewarding than being praised as a goddess that’s feet are hurting like flames from hell.

Answer #2

What kind oif shoes do I wear with a maxi dress to a beach wedding?

Answer #3

I think R=red or white would look amazing. Not to formal but not too casula.

Answer #4

Something metallic to really set it off. Silver or gold with simple, light accessories.

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