How can I shine my boots and keep them that way?

Every SINGLE time i shine my boots, they lose their shine hours later. Water, the sun, everything makes it back dull. Any ideas how to give them a longer lasting mirror look shine? no fire please:)

Answer #1

Maybe it’s the shinner you are using. Try buying a better quality kind and see if that helps. But honestly they are gonna get dull and keep needing shinning now matter what you do. But if you have a low grade of shinner stuff,that could be the reason they dull so fast. –only a guess

Answer #2

You could always shine them up, and then not wear them…that’s the only way I can think of to “keep them that way”.

Answer #3

shine them first with shoe shine. there are special sprays and paints that can be used to cover/coat things and protect them. wether or not these work for shoes varies though. if the shoes are made of material that moves a lot it probably wont work, but if there say heels made from plastic/leather then it can

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