How to keep sharpie on rubber

OKAY so I went to a concert and I had the band sign my phone cover which happens to be rubber (I know im a retard.) Now when you touch it, it wipes off. I asked my dad to put sealant on it but he said it would flake off. If I didn't bend the rubber would it still flake off? Or is there any other way to keep it on

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Either stop using your phone, get a new one and out it away as a souvenir... OR put cling film over the cover, and then put it away to keep as a souvenir and keep it from coming off.
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Perhaps you could do what the person above me said, or take the cover off your phone, get a replacement one, and the one thats on it now could be covered in polyurethane (spelling?)

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Put a piece of packaging tape over top of it.

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