Shaving advice

How to do a clean shaven vagina and legs and avoid the itichiness later?

Answer #1

Well, I actually came on here looking for some advice on this topic myself, but I do have some advice to share. I started shaving a few months ago, and yes, it can be evil at first, but you do start to get used it. I just use soap and a Venus razor with some build in shave gel bars or something like that. I also use lotion. Of course, only use the lotion on the front, not around your actual lips or anything like that. That’s never itched for me.

I am curious though. I usually shave everything at once, including my legs. I leg hair as barely grown back, but I’m already considering shaving my pussy area again soon…or at least the front.

Answer #2

Shaving tends to leave it itchy, perhaps try waxing? Lasts longer and it tends to be less itchy or if not try some shaving cream to make it a smoother shave, good luck x

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