Shavin' tips.

Alrighty, then. I shave mah pubes, use a good amount of shaving cream, new razor, aftershave afterwards, yadda yadda yadda. But when I go against the “grain”, how do I keep it from just cutting everything up? Besides that, it doesn’t even get all the hair, so is there anything I can do afterward to get completely smooth?

Answer #1

well theres a new type of waxing stuff out dotn remeber what its called what it does is when you are in the shower its like a shampoo put it on those little stubs you cant get and it basically like disinigrates them without any pain at all. read ingredients tho dont want you to be allergic to it

Answer #2

not me :P theres other products that do the same thing look at them and you can always just try regular waxin. hurts like a lot but yeah…

Answer #3

I’m a dude and am most definately NOT getting a wax. I’ll try Nair, though. Thanks.

Answer #4

so yeah try that stuff

Answer #5

yep thats it :p

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